Defend race walking 50Km #SAVETHERACEWALKING

Thursday February 14th, 2019 by Giovanni De Benedictis in Athletics, Sport

Deciding to shorten the race distance and cancel the 50Km are totally wrong decisions. If you give in to alleged blackmail of a “sports market” with problems of television timing, when racewalking with great difficulty gets media spaces dedicated to her, it means having rather confusing ideas. I’m following the protest that is spreading among racewalkers and fans around the world, a great unity of intent emerges, and I’m amazed: with all the young racewalkers, professional athletes and former athletes who are clearly declaring their opposition to these useless proposals for change, for what purpose does the Racewalking Committee want to present them before the IAAF Council? To destroy our discipline? I hope that all sportsmen, athletic clubs and international federations will make their voices heard by writing to the members of the IAAF Council as well as our  Italian Federation.